Registration is open! Register to experience IndyFurCon 2017 yourself! Attend, Sponsor, or Super Sponsor iFC2017 and enjoy membership benefits. To confirm your registration or upgrade to a higher membership level, use the registration confirmation or upgrade system.

If you have any questions, check for an answer in the Frequently Asked Questions below or send us an email anytime at . If you're reporting an error with the registration system, please include the error messages and/or attach screenshots so we can better assist you.

After July 17, "at the door" registration is available through the website before you get to the convention. Registrations made by July 17 will be printed and available at registration during registration hours and at Con Ops after registration closes on Friday and Saturday.

¹ For sponsor and super-sponsor registrations made after July 17, the shirts, prints, sponsor gifts, and super-sponsor dinner are available as supplies and seating last. Registrations made by July 17 are guaranteed these benefits.

Membership Levels

Daily badges are also available at the convention: $15 for Friday or Sunday; $25 for Saturday.



($40 after PreReg discount ends)

The basic option!

  • Access to all general admission areas of the convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday




($140 after PreReg discount ends)

For the ultimate iFC fan, the only choice is Super Sponsor!

  • Access to all general admission areas of the convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • iFC2017 T-Shirt¹
  • Limited Edition Print by GoH Xander the Blue¹
  • Access to the Sponsor Hospitality Suite with snacks and beverages
  • Priority Seating for Events
  • Surprise Super Sponsor Gift¹
  • One Super Sponsor Meal¹

Daily badges are also available at the convention: $15 for Friday or Sunday; $25 for Saturday.


The basic option!


($40 after PreReg discount ends)



Everything that Attending offers, and a whole lot more!


($80 after PreReg discount ends)




For the ultimate iFC fan, the only choice is Super Sponsor!


($140 after PreReg discount ends)

Compare Badge Types Attending Sponsor Super Sponsor
Access to all general admission areas of the convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
iFC2017 T-Shirt¹
Limited Edition Print by Guest of Honor Xander the Blue¹
Access to the Sponsor Hospitality Suite with snacks and beverages
Priority Seating for Events
Surprise Super Sponsor Gift¹
One Super Sponsor Meal¹

Indiana tax registration (or proof of one in progress) is required! In order to apply and reserve dealer space, you must show proof that you can legally sell merchandise in the state of Indiana. Indiana requires merchants to complete a Business Tax (BT-1) Application with the Indiana Department Of Revenue via InBiz to allow the sale of merchandise and collection of sales tax.

This costs a one-time fee of $25.

Apply Here!

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Dealers' Den, please email

Hours of Operation

  • Friday – 12:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Saturday – 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday – 10am to 4pm

Dealers List

IndyFurCon 2017's dealers will be listed here when they're announced.

Apply for Space

IndyFurCon 2017's Dealers' Den space is limited. To apply, submit a dealer application. Once we have approved your application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the registration process.


All IndyFurCon Dealers Tables are offered in three foot sections, which is equivalent to one-half of a standard table. Your base dealer's registration includes 1 three foot section of table and standard Attending membership for the convention for only $55.

Additional three foot sections of table are available for $25 each, up to a total of 12 linear feet of table.

If you will have more than one person working your dealer space, you will need to pay an additional fee for each person to cover registration for them, which is only $35 per Dealer's Assistant.


All dealers at IndyFurCon accept the following policy and agree to abide by it.

  1. Hours of Operation:
    • Friday – 12:30pm to 6pm
    • Saturday – 10am to 6pm
    • Sunday – 10am to 4pm
  2. Cancellations and Refunds: Full refunds will be available prior to June 15th, 2017. Any notices tendered between June 15th, 2017 and July 15th, 2017 will be granted a 50% refund. There will be no refunds after July 15th, 2017. Dealers and Dealer Assistants must be registered prior to July 15th. Please plan accordingly, and inform us as soon as possible of any cancellations.

  3. Dealer Access: Dealers are allowed access to Dealers' Den one hour prior to opening and one hour after closing, with the exception of Set- Up and Tear Down.

    Dealer Set-Up: 8am-12:30pm Friday, 8am-10am Saturday

    Dealer Tear-Down: 4-8pm Sunday

    For any additional access, contact the Dealers' Den Coordinator. Registration and badges will be available for Dealers and Dealer Assistants at the Dealers' Den Admin table starting Friday evening for Set-Up.

  4. Anyone selling any item and/or service at IndyFurCon must possess a valid Indiana State Registered Retail Merchant Certificate and be of legal adult status in the United States (18 years of age or older). Instructions for obtaining one are in the Apply for Space section.

  5. Anyone selling any item at IndyFurCon must collect all Taxes and Tariffs as required by the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. (Sales Tax for Indianapolis, Indiana, is currently 7%.) Merchants are also responsible for the submission of these taxes to the appropriate offices. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in being banned from the Dealers' Den and Artists' Alley for the remainder of IndyFurCon. Repeat offenders will meet with Security and the Con Chair, after which more serious repercussions may result.

  6. Be aware of sales restrictions. This list may be appended at any time. If you have questions about whether an item may or may not be sold, please contact us. IndyFurCon reserves the right to ask dealers to remove from display or sale any items the Dealers' Den Staff finds inappropriate. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):

    • Firearms, no exceptions.
    • Weapons which are not peace-bonded.
    • Flammable/incendiary items other than candles and incense
    • Alcohol, no exceptions.
    • Home-made food items manufactured in facilities without FDA or local health inspector oversight.
    • Any other item prohibited in the State of Indiana or the City of Indianapolis.
  7. Adult material is permitted, but it must be censored or otherwise obscured to prevent access by minors. All Adult Material (including but not limited to printed, video, computer-generated, drawn, audio and physical) must be censored. Each Dealer is responsible for policing his or her own table to keep minors from being inadvertently exposed. All minors will be wearing a distinctly colored and labeled Minor badge, but Dealers must check ID if the individual appears to be less than 18 years of age. If adult art is loose or in a binder, individual works must be censored.

  8. Dealer Liability & Housekeeping: Dealers are responsible, within reason, for any damage to hotel property and equipment in Dealers' Den. Hotel property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: holes, chips, paint, glue, or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. IndyFurCon, Whoozfur Inc, and the hotel are not liable for any personal injury or damage to equipment or property caused by the inappropriate use of hotel equipment, such as falling while standing on a chair or table. Please use provided equipment responsibly. Dealers are responsible for housekeeping in the area around their table, including during Tear Down. Please be sure to tidy your area at the end of each day.

  9. Wall Hangings: Wall Hangings may only be affixed to the wall with masking tape and/or "3M Command" strips.

  10. The standard Code of Conduct for Convention Attendees as a whole must also be followed, in addition to the rules listed here.

  11. IndyFurCon reserves the right to amend these policies without prior or posted notice.

Apply To Host Panel or Event!

If you have any questions or concerns please email our lead of programming at

To view currently available programming please go Here.

Also, please do not spam the submission form.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I register on-line?

Yes! IndyFurCon strongly encourages our attendees to register via our fast and secure online registration process if at all possible. It will allow us to make sure your badge and information is prepared and you will be able to go through the much faster pre-registration line to obtain your badge.

Can I register via mail?

Not at this time.

Can I register at the door?

Of course! Registration On-site for all membership levels is available, beginning at $40 for Attending-level memberships.

Do be aware that the line for On-site registrations can be much longer and slower-moving than the Pre-registation line. To avoid this, we encourage our attendees to register online if possible. It's faster, and you get a discount for pre-registering!

Are there one-day registrations?

Can't make it for the whole convention? We'd still love to see you for one or two days! One-day registrations will be available at the registration table for $15 on Friday and Sunday, and $25 for Saturday. Please remember that you will need proper identification to be able to register.

Where do I go to register or pick up my badge?

At the registration desk, which will be located in the hotel lobby near the Hotel Check-In Desk.

What sort of ID do I need?

We need current, government-issued photo ID so that we can make sure nobody other than you is trying to pick up your badge, or register in your name. The four types of ID that are usually sufficient on their own are:

  • A driver's license
  • A state-issued ID card
  • A passport
  • A military ID.

If you do not have any of the above, we still need BOTH something with your name and photo on it that will confirm your identity (such as a school ID), and something with your name and date of birth (such as a birth certificate). Email if you are unsure or need assistance.

I just realized I cannot go. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Refund requests can be handled by sending an email to Refunds are offered on the following basis, based on when your email is received in our system (immediately after submitting):

  • 100% full refund PRIOR TO June 1, 2017
  • 50% partial refund FROM June 1, 2017 THROUGH June 30, 2017.
  • No refunds of any kind will be available AFTER June 30, 2017.

Please include your real name, badge name, and badge number in the form. Please note that we are not able to offer deferred memberships.

I registered as a dealer. (or I was registered as a dealer's assistant.) Do I need to buy a registration?

While other conventions require you to register both as a dealer and an attendee, IndyFurCon does not require this. If you registered as a Dealer or Dealer's Assistant, your registration includes basic Attending membership, included in the cost. The "Dealer" or "Dealer's Assistant" label simply grants you special access into the dealer's space during set - up and tear - down periods, in addition to the snacks and beverages offered in our consuite.All dealers and dealers assistants are also welcome to upgrade to a Sponsor or Super Sponsor level for the added bonuses included with those membership.

How will I know I have registered?

When you see the confirmation page on our Online Registration system, you are registered! You will also receive an automated email confirmation of your registration to the email address provided when you checked out. This automated email will confirm your membership and the details of the data you provided us.

I didn't see the notification email. Is there another way to verify the status of my registration?

Yes. You can verify the status of memberships purchased on your credit card via our registration confirmation or upgrade system, or feel free to drop us an email at

I lost my registration receipt or email. Will I still be able to get in?

Yes. All you need is a form of legal identification with your photo on it.

Can I upgrade my membership to a sponsor or supersponsorship?

All levels are upgradable to higher levels at any time with our registration confirmation or upgrade system. Feel confidence in registering now, knowing that should you want to upgrade at a later point, you simply have to pay the current difference and you're upgraded, even at the door!

How much is an upgrade, and how do I arrange for one?

  • To upgrade your registration, we simply ask that you pay the difference between the original membership price you paid and the then-current price of the level to which you want to upgrade.
  • Upgrading your membership before the convention is as simple as using our reigstration confirmation or upgrade system, or sending us an email at, no later than June 30. We will get back to you shortly with instructions on how to upgrade your registration. After this date, you can still upgrade your registration at the door.
  • To upgrade your registration at the convention, simply drop by our registration desk.

I am under 18 years of age. Can I still go to IndyFurCon?

We welcome attendees of all ages. People under 18 will, however, have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have a signed and notarized Parental Consent for Minor Attendee form. We apologize if this is an inconvenience. You MUST have the original signed and notarized form available at the time you pick up your badge - NO EXCEPTIONS.

I'm not 18 now, but will be 18 before the con starts. Do I still need the Parental Consent for Minor Attendee form?

No. If you are an adult as of opening-ceremonies of the convention you will not need the Parental Consent for Minor Attendee form. If you are not an adult (18 years of age) as of that time, you will be required to have a notarized Parental Consent for Minor Attendee form even if you become an adult during the course of the convention.

What sort of identification will I need when I pick up my badge?

We accept government-issued ID that bears both your picture and your date of birth. Examples are a valid driver's license, a passport, or a state-issued ID card. A school ID is not acceptable on its own. We would want some form of secondary ID to go along with it.

I do not have any form of picture I.D. How do I get into the convention?

We suggest that you find some form of photo I.D. We can not admit anyone who is not able to show legal identification. Most states offer I.D. cards for people who do not wish to or are unable to obtain a drivers' license. If you cannot obtain a state-issued photo I.D., we will need some form of official I.D. that bears your picture (a school I.D., for example) and a second piece of identification that bears your date of birth (a birth certificate, for example). If you are in doubt, then bring as many pieces of identification as you can get your hands on.

I registered three weeks ago and have heard nothing. What's going on?

Can I use PayPal to pay for my registration?

We can not accept PayPal payments due to excessive surcharges and other concerns with that service.

Are donations made to IndyFurCon tax-deductible? Can I deduct any portion of my sponsorship or supersponsorship?

Sorry, no. Whoozfur Incorporation, the parent of IndyFurCon, is a 501(c)7 organization. That means it falls under the same category as "fraternal organizations, " since we felt that we really do not meet the Federal standards of a "pure public charity" or an "educational institution." Donations to IndyFurCon or Whoozfur Incorporation are not deductible from Federal taxes.

How do I change my badge name, my address on file, fix a spelling error, etc?

Please email We're able to easily make these changes up through July 17; beyond that point we cannot guarantee the changes. Please include your real name, badge name, and registered email address with these requests.

Can I get multiple badges, so my fursuits can have different ones?

No. IndyFurCon has a one-badge-per-attendee policy for security reasons.

What if I lose my badge at the convention?

Firstly: Please check the Lost and Found at the Registration Desk! Lost badges frequently turn up there. In addition, reprints are available. Please come to Registration and present your Photo ID. For security reasons, badge reprints cost $25 ($15 on Sundays). However, if you can locate your badge within 24 hours, and come to Registration with both badges, we will refund the reprint cost.