COVID-19 Information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at


Indyfurcon 2021 is expected to happen in person this August 20-22nd.

Hotel booking and registration should be open by June 1st.

Keep an eye on the Twitter the Facebook or here on for details.

Indyfurcon & its parent company Indiana Anthropomorphic Arts Inc continue to closely monitor COVID and take it very seriously. As the updates come down from CDC / Marion County / State of Indiana we will be implementing any restrictions needed to maximize attendee and staff safety!

We highly recommend all staff & attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19. While it pains us to say it - if you do not feel comfortable attending in person, we understand and would encourage you to watch us virtually. More information on that will be coming as con approaches!

Above all else, regardless of vaccination status, if you feel sick before arriving at the convention, for the safety of the community, we ask that you DO NOT ATTEND. Also - should you begin showing any symptoms associated with Covid-19 while AT the convention please DO NOT enter con space. Please immediately quarantine and seek medical attention.

In order to provide as safe of an environment to meet in person as possible, we have put together a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (or SOP) in regards to COVID which can be found in detail here (Link not available yet). The highlights of this include:

  • Limiting registration to online Registration only. (this COULD change depending on how things go over the next few months if the COVID situation improves enough). You may also contact with any questions.
  • Mailing pre-reg badges to limit in-person contact with reg staff. Badge pickup at con will be possible for anyone registering online shortly before con. While this is a first for iFC we feel it is in the best interest of attendee/regstaff safety for 2021
  • Enforcing Social Distancing per CDC/Marion County guidelines.
  • Spacing chairs in all panel rooms (including main events) per Hotel / CDC / Marion County guidelines.
  • Some events that simply aren’t “safe enough” to run that would typically be held, will not be run in 2021. Eg. SNERF Wars, Food related panels
  • Requiring all attendees to wear a CDC approved mask unless actively eating or drinking in approved areas. Fursuiters will be required to have their mouth and nose covered while in fursuit. Please note that the CDC does not recognize balaclavas as an approved mask at this time but we will watch CDC & Marion County for updates as the event approaches.
  • Both the Marriott Staff and iFC’s will be conducting CDC/Marion County approved cleaning throughout the convention. Details can be found in the SOP’s as linked above.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout convention space.
  • FURSUITERS: The headless lounge will not function as usually expected. It has been re-termed “the Cooling Room”. The head-tree will not be present this year. Fans MAY be set up depending on CDC/Marion County recommendations at the time of the event. It will have the air conditioning as high as it can go and water will be available. Balaclavas or face masks will still be required within the room when not drinking water or eating.
  • Fursuit Photo is unlikely to occur this year, however if we are able to coordinate a properly social distanced parade route (for those watching) the parade MAY still occur. Updates will post to website and social media as we get closer to the event.

The policies & procedures above are based off Marriott /CDC & Marion County guidelines. As said agencies update their policies/recommendations Indyfurcon may alter said policies as well, based on the stricter of any recommendations. Please watch the twitter, facebook, or website for changes.

Finally, the entire staff of Indyfurcon appreciates your patience and understanding. We want to put on a fun event for those feeling comfortable attending in these times, while still being as safe as possible. With your understanding and compliance, it is our feeling that we can all make iFC2021 a truly wonderful experience. Thank you for your time in reading this and we welcome feedback at

COVID-19 2021 FAQ

Indyfurcon believes in doing everything we can to provide a safe and fun environment. Please review the COVID main page first, then review the FAQs here. For any additional questions not answered here you can reach out to (a) for programming questions, (b) for dealer questions (c) for registration questions, or (d) for anything not related to those departments

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Will Indyfurcon (iFC) be requiring proof of vaccination?

We will not be requiring Vaccine Administration Records (VARs) at this time. Due to the unfortunate lack of safety features in VARs (ie like a state ID would have) they are quite easily forged. Not to mention that members of the furry community have been actively showing people HOW to fake them. We absolutely encourage anyone able to get the vaccine to do so. Getting vaccinated is what will help us conquer COVID and be able to restore things back to more pre-COVID ways in the future. We highly recommend; completing your vaccination (be 2 weeks post final-dose of whatever vaccine you choose to get) before attending ours or ANY convention.

Will we be conducting temperature checks?

No. As our event is during August, a notably hot time of year in IN, not to mention that a large percentage of our attendees tend to dress up as walking adorable carpets, the likelihood of a temperature check being above normal is already likely. HOWEVER (a) we will be doing daily temperature checks of all staff first thing every morning as a precaution, and (b) if any attendee is wanting to check with staff about checking their temperature, we will have temporal thermometers for such an occurrence. If possible, we do ask attendees to be prepared and bring their own thermometer to more safely check in their own rooms.

If masks are no longer required by Marion County / City of Indianapolis will the convention still require them for 2021?

Yes. While State of IN has dropped requirements for masks, masks are considered one of THE primary defenses against COVID by the CDC & medical community. Furthermore, they contribute to the safety of thecommunity by protecting others. We do not plan on dropping this requirement.

How will Dealer's Den be affected?

We will be limiting the number of dealers and tables in the room to allow extra space for distancing. We will also be limiting the number of people in the room to follow CDC/Marion County room limitation guidelines. For further details please contact

How is the Artist Alley affected?

We are still looking at if we will have an Artist Alley this year. We will post updates to this page and social media as we get closer to the convention.

If I register for this year and am unable to attend what happens?

If something happens and you are unable to attend, please contact We will set you up for a roll over to 2022 or discuss other options on a case by case basis.

Will I be able to register at the door?

At this time, we are NOT planning for at the door registration. That may change as guidelines change closer to convention, but to maximize attendee and staff safety we are planning to mail out pre-registration badges. You may contact for questions or potential exceptions.

Will Single Day (Fri only, Sat only, Sun only) badges be available?

At this time we are NOT planning for day-badges. Again this could change as we get closer to con based on CDC/Marion County guidelines.

What is the Marriott doing to maximize attendee safety?

This information can be viewed at

Will iFC be offering an online convention as well?

We are looking into live streaming events for those unable to attend the inperson event. The details of this have not been finalized but updates will post to all social media as soon as information is available.

Does iFC need staff?

Yes. We are absolutely looking for staff and volunteers to assist with iFC 2021, both in person and virtually! If you are interested in assisting in any capacity please reach out to We hope to make assisting iFC a rewarding and fun experience!

Is iFC doing ok financially - can I help?

The past year has been difficult financially. Having expenses but no income was difficult. As we are run by Indiana Anthropomorphic Arts Inc we are a 501c7 non-profit, so donations would NOT be tax deductible. However anyone who would like to donate to assist us going forward would be greatly appreciated. You can do so HERE!