Guest of Honor

This year's Guest of Honor is Quack Quack Honk!

Photo credit to: Marrok Maddox.

Quack Quack Honk


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Raised by wolves, Quack Quack Honk knew one day that she would need to leave the woods in search of sustenance on her own. Early attempts to ambush prey pointed out a sloth's mediocre hunting skills. Lacking fangs and claws to take down prey, she instead decided to prey upon the innate desire to acquire cute things to hold the despair of the world at bay. Fortunately she was talked into working at FCN 2009 and found an audience whose appreciation for cute and unique things was unrivaled.

Various mediums have come and gone, but currently she focuses primarily on markers whose alcohol costs are slightly more expensive than 15 year old single blend scotch. She is actually a Copic certified instructor, which she said is why she won't switch over to using crayons for the additional challenge (and increase in her S.O.'s scotch budget). The convention is not responsible for any extremely long conversations about markers which may be incurred through errant questions.

Quack Quack Honk picked her name by determining the maximum characters allowed in a name box in digital forms and adding 1 so she would be saved from surveillance by the overbearing government conformity machine. So far it has seemed to work… as it still foils various registration forms to this day.

When she is not working on new artwork, raising money for charity, or preparing for a convention/show she can be found in a liminal half-alive state which is remedied by large numbers of Starbucks venti mocha lattes. Her actual position within spacetime is most easily found by checking the appearance page on her website.